Since its inception in 2008, Dawn Frozen Foods has carved a niche for itself as a standout in public perception - and it is reflected in its significant and ever-growing market share.

In quality and freshness, Dawn Frozen Foods mirrors its parent company, the top-notch Dawn Bread. A remarkable aspect of Dawn Frozen Foods, which is also a proof of universal public acclaim here and abroad, is its ever-expanding product range.

Having started with Frozen Dough Products, Dawn Frozen Foods now offers a wholesome range in a combination of native and international cuisine in ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat chicken, beef, fish, vegetable and wheat products.

Dawn Frozen Foods are meant to satisfy taste buds of everyone - from ordinary folk looking for a quick but tasty and nutritious fix to a discerning, hard-to-please gourmand.

Moreover, Dawn Frozen Foods products are 100% natural - with no preservatives.

Our professional procurement team makes sure that all standard operating procedures are fulfilled right before purchases are made, a very vital step on the way of forwarding the material to laboratory for approval.

We follow an intricate but neatly executed series of processes that involve a number of departments before the end product is delivered to cold rooms after a thorough final examination prior to packaging. The Dispatch Department in itself is a world of its own. It implements a foolproof system that maintains inventory and takes care of the supply chain management, timing it extremely efficiently so that all products arriving for delivery through Dawn’s own fleet of custom-built vehicles across the country are safe and fresh for consumption.

We are a family-owned company committed to providing Pakistanis with nutritious and superior quality bread products.

Within a decade of our inception, we have grown to capture 35% of the consolidated market share of all bread products in Pakistan, a fact that speaks volumes about how well consumers have connected with our products and our values.

Beginning with the plant in Karachi, commissioned in October 1981, Dawn Bread built up a reputation for freshness, quality and taste. Creating nationwide awareness and a demand for our bread products, we set up our plant in Islamabad in January 1985.

Our next plant was opened in Hyderabad in January 1987, a year that also witnessed the establishment of another plant in Lahore, in November. In 1989, we established our fifth plant in Multan. After this expansion, the sixth plant was commissioned at Faisalabad in February 1992. Today, our customers can find Dawn,s quality and freshness from the southern end to the northern tip of Pakistan.

For the purpose of standardization, the company associated itself with FMBRA of United Kingdom in 1990 to bring itself in line with international standards of production, technology, machinery and formulation. Owing to that, all the Dawn Bread plants now boast of the latest machinery used in the bread-making process and are managed by senior food technologists with decades of experience.

At Dawn, we have developed specialist expertise and technological process, particullarly for the production of value added lines, such as microwavable frozen entrees, samosas, naan breads and parathas. From concept to delivery, understanding the buyers’ requirements and creating delectable delights is a science that Dawn has successfully mastered.